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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Exorcist - Not for Critics

From IMDB Critics Will Have To Pay Again
For the second weekend in a row, the film regarded as most likely to win the box office crown will not be screened for critics. Warner Bros. has decided not to subject the prequel
The Exorcist: The Beginning to first-day reviews, which the studio apparently felt were likely to be overwhelmingly negative. Fox did the same last week with Alien Vs. Predator, which, as it turned out, exceeded box-office predictions. Reporting on the studios' decision to dispense with screenings for critics for the two films, New York Daily News movie critic Jack Mathews observed today (Wednesday): "The decision not to have advance screenings is invariably a reflection of how the studios feel their movies will be reviewed, and Fox was dead-on in assuming AvP would get slammed. Moviegoers eager to see the prequel to The Exorcist are hereby warned."

It is going to take a while till I can see the new Exorcist, since I live in Europe and it wont start until Dezember.


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