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Thursday, January 01, 2004

News till 01-01-04

For the record: No one is save!

I found something very interresting on the web: Feng Shui for Websites!
Click here

New job, new girlfriend, to name two main reasons that kept me away from working on But today is the day, after 2 months of constantly "trying" to make a movie, I finaly was able to finish it just yesterday. So if you do have a Realplayer,
watch the clip and let me know what you think!

I added a comment sent to my by one of my visitors "Aureel". The movie is currently in the stage of pre-production. I'm working on the soundtrack and principal photography. I hope I be able to shoot
the entiere movie next weekend.

Today I reached one of my goals: Visitors from 80 different countries! Maybe I should start taking this site more serious and introduce a few new things... I promise I will try!

Wow, two months and no new entries on this site, not even one stupid picture... Well, a few newsgroups talked about my site, but thats about it... Do you have any recommendations for me? I need some fresh ideas. Beside that, I have really been busy doing other stuff, such as - writing a book! It's not about exorcism - that's all I can say for right now. As for some other news: I was in Italy last week and will fly to London next week, so do not expect big changes to this site right now. Iyou want to meet me in London - just email me. And if you see a drunken weirdo at the Southbank area on June 22nd, thats me!

Long time, no talk, a lot of things are going on in my life right now, I might have to finde a new job, I will travell to London in about 6 weeks, I'm close to reach my first goal (visitors from 80 different nations), and I'm planing to add some new features to this site. Right now everything is in development.

This is the first award I won for my site! Yipee!

Click here to try to win the award

Am I'm a dangerous person? Today the guys from visited my homepage.

10 days without any new entrys in this section. I had a few other things to do and no time to work on the page (expect the design and some work on the Cybertest). But today, a NEW picture is on the page, called, "American PC". Have a look!

People from the
following countries already visited my homepage:

USA, Venezuela,
Israel, Austria, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Colombia, New Zealand , Argentinia, Mexiko, Finnland, Guatemala, Spain, Singapur, El Salvador, Peru, Sweden, Costa Rica, Schweiz, Ungarn, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Brasil, Egypt, South Korea, Philippinen,
Panama, Puerto Rico, Saudi-Arabien, Tschechien, Kroatien, South Africa, Honduras, Indonesien, Dänemark, Ukraine, Ekuador, Malaysia, Turkey, Chile, Russia, Taiwan, Estland, Guam, Irland, China, Tansania, Litauen, Hongkong, Polen

The Cybertest if finally online. Check it out and tell me what you think! It took me a while to do this test, but I love it!

A site from Venezuala wrote about me today, I cleaned up the source code (had a few more lessons in CSS...) of a few sites. also added greetings in a few languages on the start page and did some more work on the "Cybertest", a new feature which will be added to this page shortly!

Greetings to the guys of "!"

A few changes to the design of the page:
All sites got a grey backround and are centered.

28. 02.02
I finally figured out how to use CSS, now all pages should be a bit faster! Currently I'm working on a test for you to find out if your PC is inhabit by a Cyber Demon and a few new pictures.

Another website in Israel wrote about me!

Most visitors come from:
1. USA
2. Israel
3. Canada

I returned from the touirsit fair today with lots of ideas for the site! New picture - "The Avengers"

I'm currently on a tourist-fair in Munic (CBR)! Had a few good ideas for the site, check back on the 25th of Februar.

I'm not longer on my own! Look what I found in my guestbook today!

I've come to the conclusion, that, most of the PCs in my school's Design lab, are indeed possesed by some type of demon lord...yes...I think that's about right. I found a file on my hardrive, named: DIE, PEEEG DOG, DIE!!!

Posted by ZAK D (the first one to share his experience!)

Nana a website
in Israel wrote about me (originally backwards):

"There is an error on your computers, the computers are demonised
and someone is performing a virtual exicism on them.

The site is in Hebraic language! (Translation is from a guy I asked on Yahoo in the "Jews Chat")

What a day! I installed two new counters yesterday and just found out that four websites already wrote about me! There was acually a fith one (a french website) but I can't publish it because it also has some adult content and i want to keep this website "clean". The Cyberpoll is down (again), I might have to find another homepage-
email me if you know a working survey-site
I posted the reviews at the
"Experiences" section.

Fotoshooting (Russian Troubleshooting)
New Question for the Cyber Poll.

-Does anybody out there knows how to use CSS (style sheets)? I could need some help!
- Working on a modified design for the page today (with a cool feature I found last Friday),
- Added a few Q/As.

-Yahoo added me to their
Internet-Humor listings!
-I'm currently ranked at a #1 postion with a sign!

- Cyber Poll is working again
- Got an email from Yahoo today that they are going to add my website to their directory (I suggested it one week ago)
- Added a
shop to the website

I had to visit the doctor because of my hand, its an "shortened tendon" and I have to do stretch exercises.

- Received my first question (regarding cyber demons) via email, the answer is published at the Q/A section,

- the
I HATE COMPUTERS website will add me to their next newsletter (listed as one of the best internet-humor sites at yahoo)!
- New email-addresses -
pictures - comments - questions
- "Question of the week" voting is currently not available.

Can't work on the site today, my right hand is probably occupied by a real demon! (hurts like hell)


Photo-shooting - "Ready to Flush"

Adding a new "Question of the week" and the "links-site".

Official launch of the site

Replacing "The mission" with Cyber Poll, a question-section.

23 - 27.01.02
Collection new ideas for the site, reserving the domain, deleting little bugs in the source-code, writting on a conspiracy script, trashing the idea of "the mission"

Some work on the menu buttons (late at night)

21. 01.02
Adding of the "Picture Gallery" and the "About the Maker" site

First online-test of the site, discussion about the design

More work on the design, talking online to friends about the concept till late night.

After finishing a rough concept I started designing a first test page and takeing pictures of my PC.

During lunchbreak, standing in the kitchen and sipping on my tea-mug I had the idea for this site, late at night, sitting infront of my Computer, I started the Cyberexorcism Group at Yahoo. I don't know where this site is going to take me, I just want to do something funny.


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