Possessed Hardware

In May 2009 there where 575.000 results for „possessed hardware“ on Google, now its up to 631.000 search results! Just a further proof that this is a serious problem!

Possessed Hardware
Possessed Hardware

The End of the World is Near!

One day God was looking over creation and He decided that He wasn’t really happy with the way things turned out. So He called the 3 most powerfull men on earth, Obama, President of the United States, Hu Jintao, President of China and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to come and see him. He told them that this experiment with life on earth was a failure, and that in 3 days He was going to end it. So basically they had 3 days to prepare their people.

So President Hu Jintao convenes an emergency meeting of the Chinese Parliment and says: „I have bad news, and really bad news. First of all, there is a God. Secondly everything we have worked for since the revolution will be totally destroyed in 3 days.“

Obama makes a State of the Union address to the American people on TV and says: „I have good news and bad news. First of all, there is a God. Secondly, everything we have worked for since the revolution will be destroyed in 3 days.“

Mark Zuckerberg convenes a meeting of the board of directors and says: „I have good news, and really good news. First of all, there is a God, and He spoke to me personally, which proves that I am truly important. Secondly, in 3 days, Google will be destroyed.

The phone number of Evil…

One would think that a cursed phone number should at least contain 666, but apparently things are a little bit different in Bulgaria! While it would be tempting to have such an easy phone number as 0888 888 888 to tell your friends, it appears to be not very healthy.

First Bulgarian Mobitel CEO Vladimir Grashnov, died of cancer and, being vacant whent to an underworld figure who was gunned down in the Netherlands two years later. Again the cursed phone number was passed on, which resulted in the death of another crooked businessman. Two years later. Clearly the old “The best things come in threes“ does not apply here!

The phone number is not reachable anymore, lets hope it stays that way 😉 Kinda like “The Ring” but with a phone instead…

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