Do it yourself

Is your PC inhabit by a Cyberdemon? 12 questions about your cyberlife, answer them if you dare and find out if you should call Father Merrin for further assistance or just take the chainsaw and release your PC from the pain of it's existence.

Let's beginn with an easy question - right now you are at...
Work (3 points)
Home (1 point)
Internet Cafe (5 points)
Anyonymous Websurfers(5 points)

But now on to the real test!

1. You are:
Male (3 points)
Female (1 point)
Bill Gates (5 points)

2. Your religion
I believe in the American society (3 points)
I believe in Bill Gates (4 points)
I'm a member of a group of fanatic jerks
---that does not use computers (0 points)
Atheistic (1 point)

3. Where do you live?
Close to a pet cemetery (1 point)
Next to a church (0 points)
In an old haunted castle (3 points)
Silicon Valley (5 points)

4. Which System do you use?
Micorsoft Windows (4 points)
Mac OS (3 points)
Linux (2 points
Unix (1 point)
Other (0 points)

5. Do you use one of the following Microsoft Products?
Power Point (1 point)
Excel (2 points)
Outlook (3 points)
Word (4 points)
All of them (5 points)
No (0 points)

6. Do you use computer for:
Work (3 points)
Home/Fun (2 points)
As a furniture (0 points)

7. Do you talk to your PC?
Never (5 points)
Sometimes (2 points)
Only when I masturbate (3 point)
Every day (1 point)

8. How often does your PC crash?
A few times a day (4 points)
A few times a month (1 point)
Never (0 points)

9. Is one of the following religious symbols next to your PC?
A cross (0 points)
A picture of Bill Gates (4 points)
Microsoft Logo (3 points)
IBM sign (2 points)
Apple sign (1 point)

10. ?CP ruoy fo tnorf ni sdrawkcab skoob gniwollof eht fo eno daer reve uoy evaH

The Microsoft Windows Manual (4 points)
Playboy (3 points)
Mad (2 points)

11. This is the 11th question, and I don't know what to ask...
So what? (2 points)
Stupid Idiot! (5 points)
I have a good question and will forward it to you (1 point)

12. Why did you do this test?
Because it was funny (2 point)
I could not find a website for masturbation (3 points)
I want to know if my computer is really possessed (1 point)


Version 1.3/2005