Questions and Answers

Are you a"ghostbuster", exorcist, or something like that?
Not as far as I know, although computer like me more then others. Usually I people come to me with a strange problem and as soon as I show up, the problem apears to be solved.

Do you know any facilities/weapons I can use to free my PC from a deamon?
Don't use oak-sticks, that's stuff people use to kill vampires, and I don't think you computer contains human blood. Also no silver or garlic, that's still stuff you only need if your name is Blade or Van Helsing.

What about sunlight?
Em, first of all: I think you watched too many  vampire movies about creatures from Transylvania, second, and more important: your PC dose not contain  flesh or blood (but if so, please inform IBM and Bill Gates) and that's the main reason why the stuff you listened above doesn't work.

What about holy water and crosses?Cinnamon cross used at my brothers old house
Although these are things sometimes used to defeat vampires, they are also used by Exorcist. As for now, I don't have any reports that holy water or crosses have been successfully tested with PC's. I'm not willing to test holy water personally since I don't want to destroy my hardware by pouring liquid stuff into my PC.

But my brothers former house was haunted by a ghost (true storie) and an old Mexican woman (aunt to my sister in law) recommended cinnamon crosses (see picture on the right!) to be made and set up around the house. The strange insidents vanished soon after.

So you might want to try that!

Aren't you just another web geek that doesn't have friends and spend all his time in front of the computer?
Basically yes, beside having no friends and spending ALL my time behind the PC. I'm more into travelling and photography. I am just doing this because there was this lazy Friday afternoon with nothing else to do.

Got more questions?
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