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Since I haven't received a lot of messages regarding cyber-demons I just decided to publish stuff that other sites wrote about www.cyberexorcism.com

Januar 2004
The Magazin "Insight" wrote an article about exorcism on computers and mentioned my site

....There is a support Website for those who believe their computers are inhabited by demons, the address of which is www.cyberexorcism.com...

You could also blame the pc and call PC Support to perform a cyber exorcism. Mostly, however, problems can be diagnosed as "PEBKAC" (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) and can be treated by admitting the person in question to one of these

http://www.altadensidad.com (A site from Venezuela)
Ciber Exorcismo

Tu computadora falla frecuentemente, se congela la pantalla y el teclado, se pierden archivos misteriosamente y no sabes que pasa. Pues este sitio Web quizas te ofrezca la respuesta: tu computadora puede estar compartiendo su memoria con algún demonio y por lo tanto, tienes que hacerle un ciberexorcismo.

En este sitio tendrás la oportunidad de conocer cuales son esos demonios que hacen que tu computador falle frecuentemente, podrás compartir con otros usuarios tus descubrimientos y exorcismos, para que ellos también puedan sacar a esos demonios que fastidian de vez en cuando y de cuando en vez en tu computador.

http://q92rocks.com (Canadian radio station)
Admit it, you've wondered if your PC is possessed, perhaps it's cyber-demons that are causing the screen to go blank. Check out Cyber Exorcism for a humorous theory which calms the truth is inside.

http://www.elrado.nl - just linked to my site

I haven't updated lately because a whole heap of emotional and mental shit (and I mean that almost literally) has been going on in my life. After which, my computer decided to not recognise my hard-drive and go for complete melt-down status, losing me the last five months' worth of stuff. Obviously, I needed a cyber exorcist to drop by, but alas, I didn't know about them until I'd already used the chainsaw, handgun and blunt spoons on all the delicate parts.

New Treatment - Quirky Computers

And in the, "I saw something really silly and have to share it with you" category: I happened to stumble (don't ask how) onto this silly page about cyber exorcism. Perhaps the real reason your computer has been acting up is because it's haunted!

It's all in good humour (and at least the people that made the page know that)...

I hate computers - Newsletter
Speaking of Buffy... Those of you who have been reading the I Hate Computers newsletter for years know that the IH8PCs Center for World Control blames computers on aliens who are using them to weaken Earth for conquest. However, Giovanni Aureel has another, slightly different idea. He agrees that computers are evil, but he goes further - computers are inhabited by poltergeists and cyber-demons who wish to make our life as hard as possible. In fact, he has organized an International Association Against Cyber Demons that you can join. You can read more about Giovanni's beliefs and join IAACD at http://cyberexorcism.com/. But even if you don't agree with Johnannes, never use a computer unless you are wearing a silver cross around your neck. Or at the very least, place a clove of garlic on top of the monitor.

Is your machine slow and continually crashes? Don't blame Microsoft (ha ha), blame it on DEMONS!!

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