About the Maker

MeEnough is enough, after years of working in a company, responsible for all technical support, unexplainable problems and mysterious happenings, I finally hit the bottom. There must be something else, something pure evil, that made working with computers become so hard.

I couldn't take the painful screams of my work mates any more, their shouting at the screen and "hitting the mouse on the table hundred times a day". I had to do something, I had to find a clue to all this. Finally I discovered the truth... It's not a virus, not programmed by an 16 year old fat kid in your neighbourhood, not the fault of extremely overpaid software engineers at the labs of Microsoft, its the pure evil, which exists on earth since ancient times.

Find us on FAcebookWhy should a demon try to occupy you when he can easily enter your hard disk and make life become one big mess? Think about it, a computer has no own will, usually no one really cares about him, no friends. Don't you think that would make even the strongest person become weak? A weak person is a prior target for demons and poltergeists, and so is your electronic friend.

I want this place to be a funny thing, not horror, a place where you can relax and lough when your PC had shut down once again, finishing your work in a way you didn't expected.

This site is also dedicated to my brave workmates: Edith, Christine, Katharina, Gabi, Ulli, Sylvia and Sabine.

Keep on fighting!


Giovanni Aureel, Cyber Exorcist