Ghost of Kurt Cobain Haunted Laptop Computer

A 24-year-old bar manager from Essex, England has finally dealt with the Kurt Cobain ghost that appeared on her Compaq laptop, the Register reports. Only now it won’t boot up!
The trouble began when “Kurt manifested himself on her screen and demanded she ‘give us a kiss, love.'” The funny thing is that the manifestation only occurred after turning her laptop off. In any case, the sightings unnerved the owner, who says, “I’m not a spiritual person…I had to do something.”

The answer was a computer exorcism, performed by unspecified parties. Kurt no longer appears on the Compaq’s screen and neither does anything else. The Register says that her machine has refused to run since the exorcism and blamed excess holy water.. .

• Story originally published by • | By John H. Farr – August 17 2000 •
[Original headline: Computer Exorcism Nixes Cobain Ghost, Software Too ]

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